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What type of Licenses & Certifications are Required for Selling Herbal Products in India?

The demand for Ayurvedic medicines is growing and the industry is setting on new heights. And if you are also planning to establish your status in the herbal industry then let us know a few mandatory things to sell the product in India.


There are various types of ayurvedic licenses. Let us explain to you in detail to make you sure about the things before starting your new business. We are here giving you the answers of:


  1. What are the various types of ayurvedic medicine licenses?
  2. What type of license do you need to sell Ayurvedic medicine and herbal products in India?
  3. Documents required to apply for an AYUSH license
  4. How to apply for an AYUSH License
  5. How Airen Herbal can help

What are the Various Types of Ayurvedic Medicine Licenses?

Ayush Licenses is mandatory for the business who want to sell Ayurvedic medicine in India, as per the Indian Law. The same law is applied to the Herbal Product Manufacturer & Third-Party Manufacturing companies in India who are producing Unani and Siddha drugs as well. There are four major ayurvedic medicine licenses & one additional for Third-Party Manufacturing which is issued for the Herbal Product Manufacturer & sellers. Here below:


  • Wholesale License: This license allows wholesalers to distribute herbal products in bulk.

  • Retail License: It allows the owners to sell herbal or ayurvedic products in the retail market.

  • Manufacturing License: It allows users to be the Herbal Product Manufacturer. They can manufacture herbal products and drugs.

  • Loan License: This is for the people who use the premises & equipment of someone who has an Ayurvedic manufacturing license. (It Requires GMP Certification)

  • Contract or Third-Party Manufacturing License: This license is required if the owner wants to distribute their products as a third party. Also to enable Third-Party Manufacturing owners first needed an Ayush license.


What type of License do you need to sell Ayurvedic Medicine and Herbal Products in India?

If you are only planning to sell ayurvedic products in the retail market then you only have to apply for the retailer license. Whether you are selling herbal products online or offline trade licenses include both sell modes. Before applying for the retail licenses and to get their permit of selling herbal products you need to make sure that your company is registered under the company registration act. After adding your business or company as a legal business entity in India, the owner is allowed to take the permit of the AYUSH retail license. After this, you need a company bank account and tax registration as well.

Documents Required to Apply for an AYUSH License

Here we are sharing a quick description of the documents required when you apply for the AYUSH License.


  • Organization’s Memorandum and Articles Of Association
  • Address proof of the product selling or manufacturing premises
  • If the premise is rented, you need to submit a copy of the rental agreement and the owner’s NOC
  • ID proof of Directors/partners/proprietor
  • Biodata of the company’s director
  • Details regarding the refrigerator used
  • Affidavit ensuring compliance of MPD 2021
  • Proof of Qualification
  • Registration with Delhi Ayush Council
  • Appointment Letter of the organization’s director

Documents required to apply for an AYUSH license

A list of more supporting documents which you have to need to apply for the Ayurvedic Manufacturing medicine or products license:

  • Two copies of the layout of the premises with machinery and equipment which you will be going to use during the herbal product manufacturing process
  • Two attested copies of ownership of the premise and if rented then rental documents with owner’s NOC
  • A declaration form of Affidavit-I from the Director/Partner/Proprietor
  • MoA and AoA/Partnership Deed (two attested copies)
  • A detailed list of equipment required for the herbal product manufacturing process
  • Appointment letter for a full-time technical supervisor
  • Work experience certificate form along with attested copies of academic qualification certificates
  • Declarations of Technical Staff you have for manufacturing with photos
  • List of Shastric Medicines
  • Xerox copies of references signed by FTS
  • Two passport size photos of the FTS and Director/Partner/Proprietor
  • Sales pack draft labels
  • Clinical trial reports from three Ayurvedic Practitioners on at least 30 patients
  • The minimum area required for the setup of manufacturing is 1200 sq. ft.
  • The premises selected by the owners must have to follow the rules specified in Schedule T of the Drug and Cosmetic Act.

How to Apply for an AYUSH License

  • Every state has its own official AYUSH License website for the users who want to apply. You need to visit the website of your concerned state.
  • On the website, you will find the application form: fill the form, attach the required documents and submit the form for review at AYUSH Department Commissioners.
  • After verification and reviewing the document if you get the approvals then confirmation will come within 15 days.
  • The licenses are sent to you by post.

How Airen Herbal can help?

We have a team of professionals who will guide you about the entire process of getting the AYUSH license for the herbal products retail and wholesale distribution.


The advantage of choosing Airen Herbal is we are a certified Third-Party Manufacturing company with a team of expert Herbal Product Manufacturer supporting businesses for years.  We have experts who research a blend of herbs to deliver the best products for herbal retailers and wholesalers. We also provide labeling and packaging services at the best market competitive prices.


So, when you come to us we will help you to complete your process of getting licenses and provide the bulk herbal products for selling and distribution. We are the best Third-Party Manufacturing company in India known for delivering the best quality products.

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How Much Investment Can You Really Make Working for MLM Herbalife?

Thinking of establishing your own business in Herbal Industry? We investigated on it for you that how much money can really make working for MLM Herbalife. We researched the herbal industry startups, industry experts, brands and connected with the companies for whom we are producing Herbal products as we are a well-established E-Commerce Food Supplement Manufacturer in India. Also, we have expert advisors in our team to help the businesses plan how much investment and quantity require to step up in the Herbalife industry.


Here’s what information we have to share with you.

How does Herbalife Works?

To become the top Herbalife Industry distributor, the Herbalife industry themselves suggest participation in three ways:

  • You can buy products at a discount for your own or household use.
  • You can sell products by buying them from the market distributors to make a retail profit.
  • You can recruit the best food supplier manufacturers in India who can provide the best price to manufacture the products for you.

They add that: “…nearly 86% of U.S. Distributorship (399,673) did not receive any earnings from Herbalife.”

Herbalife assumes that these people joined “…simply to receive a discount on Herbalife® products.” However, this assumption contrasts with the USA’s Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) settlement with Herbalife, which meant that Herbalife had to “pay $200 million to people who lost money trying to run an Herbalife business”. According to the FTC, this includes at least around 350,000 people.


Also, Herbalife products are allegedly overpriced:


“Herbalife’s retail pricing of its multi-vitamin is more than three times the price of comparable brand name products on the market.” Given this statement and expert reviews of their products (like this one), we, like the FTC, don’t believe that 86% of their distributors only signed up in the herbal industry for personal & household use.

Now Let us Discuss that How Much You Have to Invest in Starting the MLM Herbalife Business?

In order to explain to you about the investment and the amount you have to spend on starting Herbalife business. Let us talk about how the Herbalife industry doing in India and what’s the stats.


Indian Herbal Product Market is growing due to the people’s awareness about the natural ingredients & their impacts and projected that growth of the industry at a CAGR of 18% during the year 2019 to 2024.


This means if you made up your mind to invest in Herbalife Industry, then it’s high time to come into sight. And to make a plan of investment in the industry.


Cost Involved in becoming the herbal products best market distributor:

There are three types of investment you can do in the herbal industry:

  • Fixed Capital Investment
  • Working Capital Investment
  • Investment for Inventory

Fixed Capital Investment: For the fixed capital investment, you have to require fixed assets such as land, office, building, furniture, and equipment, etc.

Let’s check the fixed capital factors:

  • The location where you want to set up your shop
  • Land price if you have planned to buy / Rent the shop
  • Furniture establishment as per the needs
  • Machinery & Must Equipment costing
  • Other miscellaneous factors

If you have your own land or shop, then your fixed capital investments differ.


The fixed assets included:


  • Land
  • Shop/Building
  • Licenses and documentation expenses
  • Machinery
  • Laboratory Equipments
  • Electricity Supply
  • fitting Water Supply System
  • Compressed Air Supply
  • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning)
  • System Airlock System

Also, you have needed Other requirements if you need them.


Working Capital Investment: Now, if you choose Working Capital Investment, then liquid assets like paying bills, salaries, loan installments, wages, advertisement & business promotion expenses, etc. If you want a working capital investment, you have to make sure that your company and the herbal firm start generating revenue and profile, which is enough to pay all the liquid assets of your Herbalife business.


Let’s check the Working Capital factors:


  • Rent of factory & office premises
  • Loan amount if you have taken any
  • Minimum wages are given at that area to workers
  • Number of workers and staff working in your office
  • Salary of technical and educated staff Marketing
  • Budget Cost of water, electricity, and other services
  • Other extra expenses factors

Now let us check the assets that help you grow your business and establish your brand in the herbal industry.


  • Technical Employee’s Salary
  • Non-Skilled worker’s wages
  • Office/Factory premises rent if any
  • Maintenance of the factory expenses
  • Bank loan EMI if any
  • Marketing Budget (Offline & Online)
  • Monthly Bills

Working Capital Investment will vary as per the company’s working conditions; sometimes it will be lesser, and sometimes it will be higher depends on the conditions.

We will suggest taking an estimate idea of the investment which will be good for you.


Investment for Inventory: The Investment for Inventory is somehow like working capital investment, but we can put it separately as it has the major importance for timely delivery. Inventory investment needed a manufacturing process following the advanced technology and the raw material.

Let’s check the investment for Inventory factors:


  • The herbal products manufacturing units
  • The raw material you have to purchase as per manufacturing units
  • The cost you have to invest in manufacturing each product
  • Other expenses



If you plan to launch your own brand, then Airen Herbal is ready to be your best brand growth source. We are known as the best E-Commerce Food Supplement Manufacturer in India and helping many brands to deliver the best quality herbal products in the market. Moreover, we have our own financial planners team to help you to make a startup investment plan for your business establishment in the herbal industry.


As we are the most promising Food Supplement Manufacturers in India, we are generating a huge number of herbal products for our clients, which are 100% natural and organic & quality tested also. So what are you waiting for? The best plan with the best E-Commerce Food Supplement Manufacturer in India to kickstart your business in the herbal industry is here ready for you.