Water is very important part of human life. As we know more than 72% of our body is water so water is the real power of a human life health.  Quality of our body water has major impact on our health. Water is important to every cell, tissue, and organ in your body.

As per studies alkaline water is best for our health. In today world the natural source water quality is very poor and should not be consumed as it contains chemicals and metal. Even purified water and r.o water also are not good for health in long term as it ‘s does not contain any minerals.

Water which has ideal ph. value, tds value, mineral, nutrition’s and antioxidant is best for human health. Most of alkaline based product sold in market like alkaline bottle, alkaline stick and alkaline drop only manage water ph level but do not provide necessary minerals and nutrition’s.

Airen herbals is prodded to introduce Alkaline Drop which is made with natural highly alkaline herbs and provide the true alkaline water. Airen alkaline drop provide best ph. value, tds value, minerals, nutrition’s and antioxidant. It is 100% natural and has list of benefits for human body.

The primary ingredients of Airen alkaline drop is curcumin, broccoli, pumpkin seed, green tea, green apple etc. which has high alkaline properties, mineral, nutrition’s and antioxidant properties. Please change your water and change your life.


  • Anti-aging properties
  • Colon-cleansing properties
  • Immune system support
  • Hydration, skin health, and other detoxifying properties
  • Weight loss
  • Improves metabolism
  • Increases energy
  • Improves digestion
  • Reduces bone loss
  • Neutralizes the acidity in body, increase alkalinity
  • Improve hydration for the body, maintains

AIREN HERBALS is proud to introduce Alkaline DROP. Which is made with natural highly alkaline herbs and provides the true ALKALINE water. AIREN ALKALINE DROP provides the best PH value, TDS value, Minerals, Nutrition and Antioxidant. It is 100% Natural and has a list of benefits for the human body.

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