The Wellness products demands are growing in the marketplace online as people are taking personal care too seriously and the availability of the wellness products on the e-commerce portals makes it easier for them to order.  if we have to describe it in one line then we can say “Health in the 21st Century has been digitized”. And the digitalization of wellness products selling is not only because consumers are preferring health first it is also about how businesses are taking care of their customers.

E-Commerce Food Supplement Suppliers in India is generating better annual revenues year by year as the herbal industry is all set to take off on more heights in upcoming years on e-commerce portals. Apart from generating revenues and far-reaching market share, the wellness industry brands also gain lifetime customer value using the e-commerce portals to sell their food supplement products globally.

Now the question is Why? Because customers like any wellness or personal care product then it can lead to a high repeat purchase rate. More importantly, wellness products are now considered as part of health and this is the reason for the herbal industry growth.

The biggest reason for wellness products’ online growth is lockdown due to Covid-19. Since the global pandemic Coronavirus outbreak, people all across the globe have become more aware of living a healthy lifestyle. Pandemic has brought psychological implications and socio-economic problems to the fore, hence teaching everyone an important lesson on health and personal care.

Even now we are returning to normalcy, the mindset of people has been changed and many of the people who don’t even know how to shop online, now search for the best products and order online. All these parameters indicate that the future of wellness products in the e-commerce industry will go on heights.

Now a few tips to all E-Commerce Wellness Products Manufacturers in India and wellness products distributors, as you are all aware now that selling food supplements online is going to become a trend. So let us tell you a few important points which help you to generate more profits from e-commerce portals.

Ecommerce Growth Formula:

Ecommerce Growth Formula

(V X CR X LTV) – VC = Revenue

V= Visitors

CR= Conversion Rate

LTV= Lifetime Value

VC= Variable Cost

Revenue= Profit

You can generate revenues working on these 4 parameters.

Customer Lifetime Value: To build the customers over the long term, you have to check the e-commerce platforms that sell your customers returning? If the customer is visiting or buying your products again then it is called Customer Lifetime Value.

Analyze the customers’ buying behaviors. Start with determining 60, 90, or 120 -Days. Then execute a plan that can re-engage more customers to buy the products again.

The role of E-Commerce Food Supplement Manufacturer in India for Selling Wellness Products Online:

SUPPLY: Having the demanded product quantity to supply to your customers will be one of the biggest challenges for you and here the role of E-Commerce Health Wellness Products Manufacturers in India plays the game-changer role in your successful brand story. Choose a wellness products manufacturing company that can work on your wellness products formulas and also can maintain the quality of the product during the bulk production.

Now if you are all set to fly with the new normal trends of selling wellness products online then Airen Herbal is waiting for you. We have a wide range of health, wellness, and personal care organic products to offer to online retailers and distributors. We have a separate research team to implement the best blends of herbs to give the right results to our clients. Also, if you have your own herbal product formula then we also work on custom formulas by keeping it a secret.

We also believe in the concept of Customer Lifetime Value and this is why we use the most advanced manufacturing technologies, testing team to test the product quality on each stage of production, high-quality raw material, brand labeling, and packaging facilities also. Let us supply you with your product ranges as per the market demand on time and help you to reach your brand globally by selling herbal or personal care products on ecommerce portals.

Let us grow with the new normal trends together…!!!

How Much Investment Can You Really Make Working for MLM HerbalifeCategoriesBenefits of Noni Juice

How Much Investment Can You Really Make Working for MLM Herbalife?

Thinking of establishing your own business in Herbal Industry? We investigated on it for you that how much money can really make working for MLM Herbalife. We researched the herbal industry startups, industry experts, brands and connected with the companies for whom we are producing Herbal products as we are a well-established E-Commerce Food Supplement Manufacturer in India. Also, we have expert advisors in our team to help the businesses plan how much investment and quantity require to step up in the Herbalife industry.

Here’s what information we have to share with you.

How does Herbalife Works?

To become the top Herbalife Industry distributor, the Herbalife industry themselves suggest participation in three ways:

  • You can buy products at a discount for your own or household use.
  • You can sell products by buying them from the market distributors to make a retail profit.
  • You can recruit the best food supplier manufacturers in India who can provide the best price to manufacture the products for you.

They add that: “…nearly 86% of U.S. Distributorship (399,673) did not receive any earnings from Herbalife.”

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Herbalife assumes that these people joined “…simply to receive a discount on Herbalife® products.” However, this assumption contrasts with the USA’s Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) settlement with Herbalife, which meant that Herbalife had to “pay $200 million to people who lost money trying to run an Herbalife business”. According to the FTC, this includes at least around 350,000 people.

Also, Herbalife products are allegedly overpriced:

“Herbalife’s retail pricing of its multi-vitamin is more than three times the price of comparable brand name products on the market.” Given this statement and expert reviews of their products (like this one), we, like the FTC, don’t believe that 86% of their distributors only signed up in the herbal industry for personal & household use.

Now Let us Discuss that How Much You Have to Invest in Starting the MLM Herbalife Business?

In order to explain to you about the investment and the amount you have to spend on starting Herbalife business. Let us talk about how the Herbalife industry doing in India and what’s the stats.

Indian Herbal Product Market is growing due to the people’s awareness about the natural ingredients & their impacts and projected that growth of the industry at a CAGR of 18% during the year 2019 to 2024.

This means if you made up your mind to invest in Herbalife Industry, then it’s high time to come into sight. And to make a plan of investment in the industry.

Cost Involved in becoming the herbal products best market distributor:

There are three types of investment you can do in the herbal industry:

  • Fixed Capital Investment
  • Working Capital Investment
  • Investment for Inventory

Fixed Capital Investment: For the fixed capital investment, you have to require fixed assets such as land, office, building, furniture, and equipment, etc.

Let’s check the fixed capital factors:


  • The location where you want to set up your shop
  • Land price if you have planned to buy / Rent the shop
  • Furniture establishment as per the needs
  • Machinery & Must Equipment costing
  • Other miscellaneous factors

If you have your own land or shop, then your fixed capital investments differ.

The fixed assets included:

  • Land
  • Shop/Building
  • Licenses and documentation expenses
  • Machinery
  • Laboratory Equipments
  • Electricity Supply
  • fitting Water Supply System
  • Compressed Air Supply
  • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning)
  • System Airlock System

Also, you have needed Other requirements if you need them.

Working Capital Investment: Now, if you choose Working Capital Investment, then liquid assets like paying bills, salaries, loan installments, wages, advertisement & business promotion expenses, etc. If you want a working capital investment, you have to make sure that your company and the herbal firm start generating revenue and profile, which is enough to pay all the liquid assets of your Herbalife business.

Let’s check the Working Capital factors:

  • Rent of factory & office premises
  • Loan amount if you have taken any
  • Minimum wages are given at that area to workers
  • Number of workers and staff working in your office
  • Salary of technical and educated staff Marketing
  • Budget Cost of water, electricity, and other services
  • Other extra expenses factors

Now let us check the assets that help you grow your business and establish your brand in the herbal industry.

  • Technical Employee’s Salary
  • Non-Skilled worker’s wages
  • Office/Factory premises rent if any
  • Maintenance of the factory expenses
  • Bank loan EMI if any
  • Marketing Budget (Offline & Online)
  • Monthly Bills

Working Capital Investment will vary as per the company’s working conditions; sometimes it will be lesser, and sometimes it will be higher depends on the conditions.

We will suggest taking an estimate idea of the investment which will be good for you.


Investment for Inventory: The Investment for Inventory is somehow like working capital investment, but we can put it separately as it has the major importance for timely delivery. Inventory investment needed a manufacturing process following the advanced technology and the raw material.

Let’s check the investment for Inventory factors:

  • The herbal products manufacturing units
  • The raw material you have to purchase as per manufacturing units
  • The cost you have to invest in manufacturing each product
  • Other expenses

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If you plan to launch your own brand, then Airen Herbal is ready to be your best brand growth source. We are known as the best E-Commerce Food Supplement Manufacturer in India and helping many brands to deliver the best quality herbal products in the market. Moreover, we have our own financial planners team to help you to make a startup investment plan for your business establishment in the herbal industry.

As we are the most promising Food Supplement Manufacturers in India, we are generating a huge number of herbal products for our clients, which are 100% natural and organic & quality tested also. So what are you waiting for? The best plan with the best E-Commerce Food Supplement Manufacturer in India to kickstart your business in the herbal industry is here ready for you.

India’s Top Leading Herbal Product Manufacturing Company for MLM BusinessCategoriesTop MLM Health and Wellness Products here

India’s Top Leading Herbal Product Manufacturing Company for MLM Business

Airen Herbal is the best MLM Herbal Products Manufacturers in India known to deliver the best quality range of products in the globe. We are serving with an aim to expand the herbal products uses and let people know about the herbs, plants & nature’s impact on human’s lives. We use the in-house manufacturing advanced techniques to ensure that our deliveries make the brand a big name in the marketplace.

The additional services we provide to the third parties who want to launch their herbal brand in the market are brand labeling, packaging, and post-delivery service which makes us the best MLM Wellness Products Manufacturers in India. We match the needs of our customers and ensure that they have natural & qualitative herbal products with their brand labels to showcase their brands around the globe.

We use the plants and plant’s parts for their flavor, scents, and therapeutic properties & create pure herbal products by using these herbs. Many people trust the product labeled “Natural” good to use and result in the best for them, and Airen Herbals is here to maintain this trust of people & to deliver the quality. When we visit Airen Herbal then you will find a wide range of herbal products which we manufacture for third parties. The list starts with a wide range of herbal juices, MLM Products, Ayurvedic Tablets, e-commerce products, herbal syrups, Ayurvedic capsules, Ayurvedic oil, Herbal Hair Oil, and also we deal with custom formulas also on customer’s demands.

Airen Herbal as best MLM Herbal Products Manufacturers in India known for the below reasons:

One-stop solution for third parties & start-ups: Whether you are a start-up or enterprise, Airen Herbals supports all sizes of businesses with their one-stop solutions of herbal products manufacturing formula. We serve the private labeling and packaging of herbal products and ensure that we represent your products as a brand in the marketplace. The trust which we earned from our customers in terms of product quality, service, packaging, and brand representation makes us India’s Top Leading MLM Herbal Products Manufacturing company.

Custom Herbal Formula Research: We have a dedicated herbal product research team who constantly works on new herbal blend formulas to find out the best herbal formulas to implement for our customers. With our constant research and efforts of our experts, we have the best herbal combination formulas in our production process to deliver it to the third parties so they can launch their brand in the market. We introduce new herbs blends formulas from time to time to make

sure that we can serve result-oriented herbal products to make the people know that we are the best MLM Wellness Product Manufacturers in India.

High-Quality Herbal Products: We have the herbal products formulas that are unique & result-oriented and to maintain this we ensure that the herbs which we use to produce the herbal products are pure and qualitative. We use the higher standards of testing to ensure that the herbs & ingredients which we are using in our herbal products are good to use. We store the herbs in laboratories with the standards & required temperature to keep them fresh and pass the quality test.

Affordable Cost & Supporting Quantity: We understand that if you are a start-up then you have a limited budget for your brand & as the best MLM Wellness Products Manufacturers in India we support them. We provide the herbal products at an affordable cost & also support the demanded quantity as per their budget. We have a financial advisor in our team who helps our customers to plan their orders according to their budget and we support them to achieve their goals.

Airen Herbal has lots of reasons to be on the top of the list of MLM Herbal Products Manufacturers in India. And if you are thinking of launching a new herbal brand then we are here to serve you the best at an affordable cost. We have lots of options in herbal products & provide the custom formulas also to fulfill the need of our customers.

We are brand makers and if you believe that we can do best for you, we believe in you.

Let us achieve the goals together and show the world the real essence of herbs by producing world-class quality filled herbal products.

Top 5 Marketing & Success Tips to set up your own Herbalife BusinessCategoriesBenefits of Noni Juice

Top 5 Marketing & Success Tips to Set up Your Own Herbalife Business

When we talk about the Herbalife business, many people wanted to make a brand identity in the herbal sector. Because it is one of the fast-growing industries around the globe. And if you are also the one who wants to establish your brand as the best Herbal Products distributor in India then before making a start let us discuss a few points which you must have to know.


Effective herbal products and lucrative compensation plans have the power to make a company an industry-leading brand. The Herbalife business is not a quick scheme to be successful, but anyone can establish a brand value who knows about the real essence of herbs. The big names in Herbal Products Manufacturers in India do the same to distribute the true essence of herbals products.

Now, let us tell you how you can get success in your own Herbalife business step by step:


#1 Research On Present Best Herbal Products Manufacturers in India: A deep research in the market will help you to know about the best herbal products manufacturers and distributors. Talk with them about the trends and people’s preferences in herbal products. Ask them how they will deliver the products in wide ranges with the natural 100% organic essence of herbs and trees and how they can help you to grow in this Herbalife business. If you are a startup and have a limited budget then how the Herbal Cosmetics Manufacturers in India can help you to maximize your profit by delivering quality products.


#2 Use Products first Before Purchasing a Distributorship: Without using any product, you cannot decide the exact impact it leaves on your health. So the best suggestion we can give you is, use the products which you are going to buy from the Nutrition Products Manufacturer in India to know the right effect of it on your health. The product testimony which you get by using the natural & organic products will give you more ideas to make a perfect sales plan for your products.

#3 Plan Your Customer Pitch Strategy: Plan how you will do everything. How to create a customer base, how you select the best Herbal Products Manufacturers in India and lead your business of Herbalife towards success. Kickstart your customer pitch activities, be available on calls, approach your sales team and note down everything which helps to remember all things which you have to do.


#4 Share Your Story: People love to hear good stories, when you launch your own brand in the herbal industry then tell them your motto behind selling the herbal products and how you found the best combination of herbs for your customers. When you tell your customers that what you have done and promised the right effective herbal products then they will count on you and you can develop a strong customer base. A strong base of customers means the success of your Herbalife business.


Kelly Morgan, an Independent Herbalife distributor supervisor, and nutrition coach says, “Make sure you get into people’s hearts; you’ve got to follow up and support them.” People are your business in direct sales and people don’t care what you know or how great your product is until they know you care about them. “You’ve got to make people feel important to succeed in Herbalife,” Kelly says.


#5 Wear The Button: Mark Hughes Herbalife business expert came with the great idea “Wear The Button”.  Wearing the button is a great way to get you more leads for your own brand in the Herbalife business. The button will spark the people who are really interested and ask questions to you about what you want them to do.


Wear this button everywhere you go and make sure you know what to say and how to explain when people ask this to you. When people ask this question then give them a dumb & confused look. Have a little speech that elevates the people around you. Give a sweet and short to the point explanation & if they are interested get their information to follow them later.

Final Thoughts:


Following our 5 Herbalife business tips, you can achieve your goals and set up your own brand in the herbal sector. It will help you find the best Nutrition Products Manufacture in India and create a strong base of customers. Hope the information will help you.

What’s your call on it? Let us know…!! We will be happy to hear from you.

Close up many kind of Chinese herbCategoriesA very bright future awaits MLM industry by 2025

Why do most MLM brands prefer health and wellness products?

MLM is a business model that harnesses the power of community networking and genuine recommendations for increasing sales distribution and revenue. Interested distributors first understand the plans and income potential buy the products and use them. If the business model and product quality seem promising they start recommending the same to others. The business works on a revenue-sharing model for each sale. Two USPs of MLM businesses are the merit-based calculation of revenue-sharing plus assured perks based on specific milestones about which we will talk later.

If we look at the history of the MLM industry, two factors can be discerned- emphasis on direct one-on-one communication for selling products, and secondly a keen inclination towards wellness and health products to nurture good health and combat diseases. Even a glance at the list of most successful MLM companies reveals that the top spots are occupied by health and wellness brands. A majority of MLM generally outsource the production process to third-party healthcare products manufacturing units.

In this article, we will talk about two major factors.

  • · Number one– What makes the health and wellness industry the preferred target for MLM companies?
  • · Number Two– The ideal qualities of third party herbal products manufacturers

People are ready to spend more on their health

The statistics show that over the period of 5 years people have increased their health expenditure.

In this digital age of ever-growing competition, life is becoming increasingly hectic and its effects on people’s health are visible. A large portion of the global population is affected by issues like insomnia, depression, and chronic stress. It is not the ideal condition and people are desperately looking to improve their life quality.

Digitization has made people health-conscious

Besides, the digitization of information has resulted in an abundant awareness about health issues as well as relevant prevention and cure solutions. This increased consciousness has generated a thriving population of people who are inclined to spend liberally on health products provided they are genuine, safe, and effective. So, selling health and wellness products helps MLM companies in 3 ways.

First, it allows them to tap a ready market of health-conscious consumers.

Secondly, people are more likely to try health products that are recommended by their doctors, friends, or family- rather than the ones sold through advertisements on popular mediums- something which makes these products a perfect fit for the preferred selling method of MLM business, i.e., peer-to-peer recommendation.

Thirdly, human beings generally tend to advocate for the products, services, and ideas that bring about a transformational change in their lives. With the right health products, a person can overcome major health challenges, say, and insomnia and resultant chronic stress. Such consumers are likely to vocally advocate the product and help in the growing organic community of consumers and MLM distributors.

People are looking for more personalized ways to improve health

In many countries the citizens are not satisfied with the healthcare options and distrust in the formal medical industry is also on a rise. Besides the deficit in skilled healthcare workers has made the situation worse. Talking about figures, by 2030 this deficit will grow to a scale of 18 million health workers- as per a report by United Nations- published in British Medical Journal. Along with obvious staff shortage, this deficit has also increased the burnout instances due to overburdened professionals.

Due to this situation, an increasing number of people are being denied personalized care specific to gender, physical constitution, and routine commitments. In short, a majority of people are simply frustrated with formal healthcare facilities and they are looking for other alternatives. By providing well-researched health and wellness products the MLM companies can fill this gap. Unlike understaffed healthcare facilities, the MLM companies have a thriving community of distributors. As opposed to generalized treatment, the MLM company distributors can work with nutritionists to offer personalized medicines/dosages that align comfortably with a person’s commitments and schedule. These factors add more value to their business thus making it easier for them to attract more consumers and distributors.

It is not just a passing trend

The current growth in the healthcare industry isn’t just a “bubble”. A study shows that the wellness economy registered a growth of 12% during the period between 2015 an2017 and there are strong indicators that this trend will continue and increase with time.

 As opposed to the lifestyle industry, the healthcare and wellness industry is primarily based on needs, not desires. One can neglect or regulate desires but needs are always given the priority treatment which means that the increase in need-based sectors like healthcare business has deeper traction when compared to desire-based sectors like lifestyle products.  

Increasing health benefits/perks for working population

With increasing awareness about health and care, a growing number of employers are keen on investing decently in the healthcare perks/benefits of their employees. Right from internet giant Google to the growing technology start-ups and SMEs, more corporate entities are increasing the scope of health-related perks. It has increased the affording power of the working population- when it comes to health-related products and services. It has started a new consumer segment for the health and wellness sector.  

Now, we come to the second part- the ideal qualities of a third-party health and wellness products manufacturer 

To deliver the best quality products with sufficient anytime stock availability and at the right pricing, you need to hire best-in-class third party manufacturing units:

The right type of infrastructure

The third-party manufacturing units have the right type of infrastructure and sophisticated machinery/equipment to produce the desired herbal supplements in large volumes. They have an entire mechanical ecosystem for processing, extraction, pulverizing, refining, and setting the raw materials using precise quantity, right timing, and following other guidelines. It results in accurately-prepared supplements in a ready-for-sale format.

Complete range of services

People assume that all third-party manufacturers offer end to end services by default and many of them discover nth moment surprises. To avoid frustration, confirm all the specific services that they hired third party manufacturing unit offers you. It should ideally include all the factors/services needed for retail selling of the product like printing, designing, packaging, and even shipping.

Right Pricing

Pricing plays a vital role especially when we talk in the context of the MLM business model. A large part of MRP is distributed to several distributors. So, to sell products at reasonable prices without compromising on profitability, it is very important to get the items manufactured at the lowest possible prices. Make sure that the manufacturer is ready to provide you the finished products at highly competitive rates that allow you to maintain the right balance between reasonable pricing and profitability.

Qualified business consultancy

Starting your line of herbal products requires you to do lots of market and competitor research which needs business expertise along with skilled manpower. However, when you appoint the right third-party manufacturers they provide you the required pre/post production assistance including the right product selection, proper presentation, market trends, etc. So, you can harness the benefits of their long-term industry experience which increases the probabilities of a good market response.

Research and Development It is equally important to ensure that the manufacturing company also invests decently in R&D tasks. As already discussed, you need to win people’s trust to increase the number of customers and convince them to become your distributors. Well-researched health products place you in an advantageous position and mentioning such things on the packaging encourages more people to buy your products.

Wellness and Health ProductsCategoriesBenefits of Herbal Capsule and Tablets


Airen herbals is a well-experienced and qualified manufacturer for capsule and tablet manufacturing. We offer a wide range of capsule and tablet format products.

We are manufacturing Herbal Capsule and Tablet, single herb formulation, nutritional supplement, liver care, joint care, woman care, piles care, diabetes care, men vitality, Iron Capsules, heart care Asthma Care Capsule, Stone Remover, and many more ranges. we use premium grade and extract-based formulation to make result-oriented capsule and tablet products.

We offer different packaging like blister pack, ALU packing, 30 capsule packing, 60 capsule packing, bulk packing and many more.

Over the past 100 years, the development and mass production of chemically synthesized drugs have revolutionized health care in most parts of the world. However, large sections of the population in developing countries still rely on traditional practitioners and herbal medicines for their primary care. In India 70% of the population depend on traditional medicine to help meet their health care needs.

The most common reasons for using Herbal (traditional) medicine are that it is more affordable, more closely corresponds to the patient’s ideology, allays concerns about the adverse effects of chemical (synthetic) medicines, satisfies a desire for more personalized health care, and allows greater public access to health information. The major use of herbal medicines is for health promotion and therapy for chronic, as opposed to life-threatening, conditions. However, usage of traditional remedies increases when conventional medicine is ineffective in the treatment of disease, such as in advanced cancer and in the face of new infectious diseases. Furthermore, traditional medicines are widely perceived as natural and safe, that is, not toxic.



We are providing an excellent quality array of Ayurvedic Iron Capsules to our prestigious clients. Our offered range of these products is good for health. Apart from this, these capsules are offered at very reasonable rates and have the longer shelf life, easy to use, high in demand, and leak free packaging.


We are providing an excellent quality array of Asthma Care Capsule to our prestigious clients. These offered ranges of products can improve lung function, reduce the incidence and severity of asthma attacks, and strengthen the immune system. Apart from this, these capsules are offered at very reasonable rates.


Our organization set a unique position in the market by providing a wide gamut of Ayurvedic Stone Remover Capsules in the market. The offered quality approved collections of the product reduce all your problems related to stone. Also, this is known for its effectiveness and balanced composition.


Diabetes care capsules can help control your blood sugar levels and prevent diabetes complications. But tablets are not magic you need to keep up with a healthy lifestyle.

Our provided range of this herbal product is processed by experts under hygienic conditions. It is a unique combination of herbs that control blood sugar levels effectively without any adverse side effects. 


we are involved in offering Ayurvedic Piles Capsules. It is highly pure, effective, and non-toxic. These are checked by quality inspectors to deliver a pure capsule from our end. In addition to this, these piles capsules are offered to the clients at very reasonable rates to our valued clients


  • Improve the Immune System: Our immune system helps our body to fight against germs and empowers the body to stand against diseases. …Anti-inflammatory Power: …
  • Depression Treatment: …
  • Skin Care Benefits: …
  • Boost Mental Health:

Noni Juice ManufacturersCategoriesBenefits of Noni Juice


Good health and wellbeing are the two most powerful motivating factors for any type of human activity. Science is playing a very important part to achieve this so we all can enjoy the life gifted by god and easily recover from all the diseases. Cells are called the fundamental units of life in every living being. Healthy cells make a healthy body. We all need many micronutrients and 16 very important nutrition to keep our cells and body healthy which must be completely natural and chemicals-free. In the modern way of living, our body faces several negative conditions due to

pollution, food habits, pesticides, stress due to work, stress due to financial conditions, living habits, lack of exercise, etc. The food we eat does not supply the necessary nutrients to cope with the problems our body faces. It is necessary to support the body with adequate nutrition, minerals, and vitamins to stay healthy. We need to be responsible for our health and the health of our family. This is a basic responsibility of a human being

To have a healthy and stress-free life we have GROOTS NONI as a gift from nature. It is prepared from a fruit of a medicinal plant called MORINDA citrifolia. Indian AYURVEDIC physicians were using this tens of centuries ago. GROOTS NONI is a nutrition food supplement. Noni fruit has amazing healing properties and medical values. GROOTS NONI is a complete nutrition pack that contains all the micro and major nutrition to make a healthy life. It is also rich in most of the vitamins and removes toxins and pollution from our body. Noni is a cellular diet and works at a cellular level and it works at the source and not at the symptoms. In today’s world GROOTS NONI is a blessing of nature for humans. We all can gain a very healthy life with the use of Noni.

Millions of people all over the world are experiencing good health and well-being by using Noni. if you are looking for good health and well-being for yourself and for your family, you will benefit greatly from GROOTS NONI.


Noni is the common Polynesian name for MORINDA CITRIFOLIA also known as Indian Mulberry.

The plant indigenous to India, Malaysia & Southeast Asia, is a Noni of evergreen ranging in size from a small bush to a tree 20 or 30 feet high. Approximately the size of a potato the Noni fruit has a lumpy appearance and a waxy, semi-translucent skin that ranges in color as it ripens from green to almost white. Native Tahitians recognize it sight unseen because of the fruit`s rancid smell when fully ripe. This smell decreases some as the fruit is fermented and the juice prepared. The taste is also improved during this processing. Noni juice

contains nutritional enzymes, anthraquinones, and polysaccharides, all known to have various health benefits. Traditionally, the leaves of the Noni tree were used topically for healing wounds. Noni comes from the plant family Rubaiceae (comprised of 80 plant species).

Noni is found mainly in South Pacific (Tahiti) but is also found in Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, India, Africa, Fiji, Guam, the Hawaiian Islands, and the West Indies (including Puerto Rico and the Virgin   Islands).  In the   South   Pacific & Southeast Asia, knowledge of Noni’s healthful benefits has been passed from parent to child for countless generations.  Families used the Noni fruit both internally and externally. Though Noni was widely used & cherished in such areas of the world as French Polynesia, its secrets remained unknown to the rest of the world for thousands of years. In the 20th century, ethnobotanists interested in methods of native healers began to study this remarkable fruit. Even the United States military, during World War II, Studied the usability & benefits of the Noni plant, which handbook for Survival.


Parts of the fruit are used as a tonic and to contain fever (China, Japan, Hawaii). The leaves, flowers, fruit, and bark can treat eye problems, skin wounds and abscesses, gum & throat problems, respiratory ailments, constipation, and fever (Pacific Islands, Hawaii).

Used to treat stomach pains and after delivery (Marshall Islands). Heated leaves applied to the chest relieve coughs, nausea, and colic (Malaysia). Juice of the leaves is taken for arthritis (Philippines).

The fruit is taken for lumbago, asthma, and dysentery (Indochina). Animal studies evaluating the effects of Noni suggest that it may have anti-cancer, pain-relieving, and immune system enhancing effects. Noni is heavily promoted for a very wide variety of conditions, such as arthritis, atherosclerosis, bladder infections, boils, bowel conditions, burns, cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, circulatory weakness, colds, cold sores, constipation, diabetes, drug addiction, eye inflammation, fever, fractures, gastric ulcers, gingivitis, headaches, heart disease, hypertension, improved digestion, immune weakness, indigestion, kidney disease, malaria, menstrual cramps, menstrual, disorders, mouth sores,  respiratory disorders,  ringworm,  sinusitis,  skin inflammation, sprains, strokes, thrush and wounds.

Noni has been studied at leading research institutions in Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, and Taiwan.

In the US, research has been undertaken at the National Academy of Sciences and the University of Hawaii. Modern science has confirmed Noni’s medical usefulness, particularly for supporting the immune system (fruit) and the digestive system (leaves). It also has proven, analgesic effects and has been called the “Painkiller Tree” in the Caribbean Islands.


• Relieves pain • Rejuvenates the body • Revitalizes the cells • Reduces inflammation • Release stress • Purifies blood • Improve digestion • Enhance well being • Nervous system • Stimulates immune system


Noni contains health-enhancing attributes that are

  1. Antibacterial
  2. Anti-inflammatory
  3. Analgesic
  4. Anti-congestive


Diabetes Digestion Arthritis Asthma Heart Disease High Blood Pressure Chronic pain High Cholesterol Cancer Depression Tuberculosis Stroke Stress Piles Skin problem Sleeping Disorders Menstrual Disorders Infertility Impotency Pain & Weight Management


  1. Noni is a Humectants
  2. Noni is Alkaline
  3. Noni is an Anti-oxidant
  4. Noni is Analgesic
  5. Noni is Anti-allergic
  6. Noni is proven adaptive


• It is a natural food supplement and not medicine. • Shake well before use. • Dilute Glorious Noni with double freshwater or fruit juice. • Please do not eat snacks/ foods at least 30 minutes before and after consuming GROOTS NONI. • Drink lots of clean and fresh water the whole day for maximum benefit. • If you get a toxin cleansing Response (A headache, soft motion, belching, or itchy skin) drink more water and skip a dose or two depend how you feel.


Safety There are no formally established side effects of Noni juice. Due to the lack of evidence, Noni should not be used by pregnant or nursing women, children, or people with liver or kidney disease.

Alka Pure Eye DropsCategoriesWhy Alkaline Drop is best?



Water is a very important part of human life. As we know more than 72% of our body is water so water is the real power of human life health.  The quality of our body water has a major impact on our health. Water is important to every cell, tissue, and organ in your body.

As per studies alkaline water is best for our health. In today’s world, the natural source water quality is very poor and should not be consumed as it contains chemicals and metal. Even purified water and r.o water also are not good for health in the long term as it does not contain any minerals.

Water which has ideal ph. value, TDS value, mineral, nutrition’s and antioxidant is best for human health. Most of alkaline-based product sold in the market like alkaline bottle, alkaline stick, and alkaline drop only manage water ph level but do not provide necessary minerals and nutritions.

Airen herbals is prodded to introduce Alkaline Drop which is made with natural highly alkaline herbs and provide the true alkaline water. Airen alkaline drop provides the best ph. value, TDS value, minerals, nutrition’s an antioxidant. It is 100% natural and has a list of benefits for the human body.

The primary ingredients of Airen alkaline drop is curcumin, broccoli, pumpkin seed, green tea, green apple etc. which has high alkaline properties, mineral, nutritions and antioxidant properties. Please change your water and change your life.


  • Anti-aging properties
  • Colon-cleansing properties
  • Immune system support
  • Hydration, skin health, and other detoxifying properties
  • Weight loss
  • Improves metabolism
  • Increases energy
  • Improves digestion
  • Reduces bone loss
  • Neutralizes the acidity in the body, increase alkalinity
  • Improve hydration for the body, maintains

AIREN HERBALS is proud to introduce Alkaline DROP. Which is made with natural highly alkaline herbs and provides the true ALKALINE water. AIREN ALKALINE DROP provides the best PH value, TDS value, Minerals, Nutrition, and Antioxidants. It is 100% Natural and has a list of benefits for the human body.



Ayurvedic Products Manufacturing Company in IndiaCategoriesBest Food and Nutrition Supplement for Health


Firstly, we’d start with our brand that is: Airen Herbals. Airen Herbals is working on Manufacturing products of Herbals and Ayurvedic Third Party. There are many brands and categories follows as – Herbal Capsule and Tablets, Ayurvedic Syrup and Tonics, Food and Nutrition Supplement, and so on.

We have been offering a wide range of Food and Nutrition Supplement products. We have made products from herbs and vitamins. Before we start with any product, we consult with Doctors and discuss the queries/problem with respect. Everyone asking before use of any product for good quality of Ayurvedic and Nutrition. Our team was implement on the process.  The demand for the Food and Nutrition Supplement is very high on the market now a day.

Airen Herbals manufacturer for Food and Nutrition Supplement, which is good for Health and Skin Care. Herbal Supplement includes vitamins, minerals, etc. Dietary Supplement is Best Herbal Products Manufacturers and suppliers in India.  The Food supplement manufacturer and Exporters company in India. All the products of the ayurvedic third party are affordable for customers. Get the best price and read about the company and get the contact details. Airen Herbals offers various kinds sizes on products. Airen Herbals is third Party Manufacturing. We are implementing on health and wellness. 100% pure and ayurvedic product in India.  Airen Herbals One of the Most Trusted, Acclaimed, and Best Ayurvedic Food and Nutritional Supplements products in India.

About Food and Nutrition Supplement:


Airen Herbals have been manufacturing Multi Nutrition Syrup in India. Our respected clients can avail from us a quality proven range of Multi Nutrition Syrup which is formulated by taking of optimum quality ingredients. These are useful in various hospitals. This syrup is bottle packaging. AIREN HERBALS is the best manufacturer and distributor of Nutrition Syrup in India. Apart from this, these are offered to the clients at very reasonable rates.


Airen Herbals set a unique position in the market by providing a wide gamut of Multivitamin capsules to the customers. All the capsules made from vitamins, herbs, and natural ayurvedic. Our offered range is a healthy medicinal vitamin. Apart from this, our offered range of these products is highly appreciated for their accurate composition and various packaging. Multivitamin capsules help us to support our health and wellness to the body.


Berries are widely known as a superfood for their benefits, a glance at the nutritional value of berries will inform us that berries are rich in Vitamins and minerals, Dietary fibers, Amino Acids, AND Phytonutrients. MULTI BERRY help neutralize free radicals and avoid them from damaging cells in our body. This is supported by high ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) scores that berries have in common. Multi Berry is made up of some fruits and natural flowering plants.


We are providing an excellent quality array of Moringa Leaf Capsules to our prestigious clients. Our offered range of this capsule is directly prepared from high-quality moringa leaf which provides high nutritive values and superior taste values. Also, these are rich in natural nutrients which guarantee the proper nutrition of the body. Moringa capsules contain nutrients and healthy proteins, that is good for our health.


We are providing an excellent quality array of soft gel capsules to our prestigious clients. we have been using the ayurvedic  Its control Slows the development of plaque in the arteries, reduces the likelihood of heart attack, Lower blood pressure Our offered range of these products is good for health. Apart from this, these capsules are offered at very reasonable rates and have a longer shelf life, easy to use, high in demand, and leak-free packaging. Airen Herbals supplies at the best price in India.


We are providing an excellent quality array of Daily Nutrition Capsule to our prestigious clients. These products are offered to our customers within the stipulated time period with the help of our wide distribution network. Apart from this, these capsules are offered at very reasonable rates and have a longer shelf life, easy to use, high in demand, and leak-free packaging. This is use for our Daily health.

Benefits of Food and Nutrition Supplement are: By using the products of Airen Herbals are:

  • Improve immunity power
  • Blood Purifier
  • Get vitamins and Nutrition
  • Recover muscles
Herbal Product ManufacturerCategoriesTop MLM Health and Wellness Products here


With our long experience of serving MLM and the direct selling industry, we understand the product quality and unique importance. We are specialized in  MLM Health Care Products in India. We offer a wide range of unique and premium product ranges which are specially developed for the direct selling industry. Airen herbals also take care of your packaging and presentation part with premium packaging option. We offer dietary supplements, nutritional supplements, single herbs products, antioxidant products, formulation products, detoxifier formulation, and more. We introduce well-developed products with demo options from time to time to keep our clients more competitive in the direct selling industry. Some of our unique products like super 12 juice, super detox juice, daily health 24 capsule, and muli berry orca value juice is getting fast response and huge demand in the industry. Airen herbals is a well-experienced and qualified manufacturer in India.

MLM Product Supplier in India-We is a leading MLM products supplier in India. Airen herbals MLM products line are- Barely Glass Capsule, Wheat Grass Capsule, Goji Berry Juice, Ayurvedic Piles Capsule, etc. MLM Health Wellness Product Manufacturer is the best product in India- Buy MLM Health Supplement Healthcare Product at best reseller by Airen herbals in India. MLM (multi-level-marketing) is all over based on the manufacturing of MLM health and wellness products. MLM Products are dietary supplements, nutritional supplements, single herbal Healthcare products. Airen Herbals exports the MLM Health Products best price in India.


To fulfill the increasing demands of clients, we are highly engaged in offering Wheatgrass Capsule in the market. In addition to this, these offered capsules are prepared using advanced formulation and have a long shelf life, accurate processing, no harmful chemical, and highly effective. This capsule range is an effective healer because it contains all minerals and vitamins A, B-complex, C, E, L, and K.


Sea Buckthorn fruit is sometimes used in sweet treats including jams, pies, and drinks. Available in supplement form, sea buckthorn extract contains a variety of essential fatty acids and antioxidants (including vitamin C, vitamin E, and anthocyanins.


Goji Berries are low-GI and high in fiber, which can help with weight loss. Concentrated goji berry juice may promote weight loss through increased calorie burning. Animal studies have shown that taking goji berry extract may have positive effects on cholesterol levels.


Ayurvedic piles capsules consist of extracts of neem, yashtimadhu, Jimi kand, haritaki, pearl oyster, and aloe vera. Pile is a condition in which the veins at the lower end of the rectum become inflamed and enlarged. … It relieves the pain caused due to bleeding, burning during piles.


We are involved in offering Noni Capsule to the customers. Each offered capsule checked on standards of quality before offering it to clients. Apart from this, our products are available in varied packaging. Apart from this, our offered range of these herbal products is highly appreciated for their accurate composition and high effectiveness.


Berries are widely known as a superfood for their benefits, a glance at the nutritional value of berries will inform us that berries are rich in Vitamins and minerals, Dietary fibers, Amino Acids, and Phytonutrients. Multi Berry help neutralize free radicals and avoid them from damaging cells in our body. This is supported by high ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) scores that berries have in common.