Collaborate with Us to Implement Your Business Idea

Collaborate with Us to Implement Your Business Idea

Airen Herbal is one of the best third-party herbal product manufacturers that helps you to implement your dream of having a herbal product’s own brand into reality. We have competitive prices for startups and well-planned solutions for businesses who want to be pro herbal products providers. Our add-on services of providing brand labeling and packaging make us the perfect match for the new herbal product brands to make them successful. We add the true essence of herbs in the products and keep the same essence in bulk production as well which makes us trustworthy third-party herbal product manufacturers in India.

Join Our Hands to Grow Together

The growth of our clients is the growth of Airen Herbal. We help businesses plan the financial investment in their initial stage and also offer competitive prices to generate a good profit margin from the market. We believe in growing together which makes us the best third-party manufacturing company for herbal products. Airen Herbal helps businesses to strategize the initial selling or distribution plans also to ensure that clients start with a full proof plan of distribution of herbal products. We serve the bulk orders on time to make sure that the herbal brand of our clients gets down due to product availability.

Get Your Own Brand
Manufacturer Customized Formulas of Herbs

Manufacturer Customized Formulas of Herbs

We help clients to produce the customized combination of the herbs and work on their own formulas for generating herbal products. This means our customers will get herbal products with premium quality and the best blend of herbs which they want. We manufacture herbal products with tested combinations of herbs and provide the clients their orders on time. When you connect with us then you need to worry about your product quality and customized formulas production because you are connecting with the best third-party herbal product manufacturers in India who are serving you for years.


Premium Quality: We use the most advanced manufacturing techniques and also test the raw herbs before proceeding on further steps of production to ensure that we add quality to our delivered ayurvedic or pharma products from the very first step. We serve premium quality herbal products to our clients in bulk.


Product Ranges: We offer a wide range of herbal or Ayurvedic products including herbal juice, MLM products, e-commerce Ayurveda products, Ayurvedic tablets, Ayurvedic capsules, herbal syrups, Ayurvedic oil, herbal hair oil, etc. Our wide product ranges help our clients to maintain a brand with maximum ranges of herbal products in the marketplace.


Research & Development: We always come up with the best combinations and most effective herbal formulations to ensure that we offer a wide range of unique formulations of herbal ranges in the marketplace. We maintain this uniqueness and quality with a professional and expert pharma-certified team who research constantly on new formulas to serve our clients.


Low Startup Cost: We offer the best competitive and supportive market prices to our clients to make sure that our client can start their own herbal brand at a low startup cost. We provide our product ranges with the best affordable prices so that our clients can generate the maximum percentage of profit in the market and also can offer maximum products in their set budget.

We are Good at Keeping Secrets

Airen Herbal’s first priority is the privacy of clients and we are very good at keeping secrets also. Whenever clients share their herbal formulations with us we keep it secure and make sure that their brand formula of products never come out. So whenever you choose Airen Herbal as a third-party manufacturer then you are the way to get success in your herbal industry business. We are best in quality, price, and research also which make us the first choice for the herbal brand that wants to establish a well-known herbal brand in the industry.

We are Good at Keeping Secrets
Start Your Own Brand

Brand labeling & packaging


Our add-on services of brand labeling and product packaging make us a one-stop solution for third-party manufacturing of the herbal industry. We serve the best designing of brand labeling and also keep the product packaging standards high to ensure that whenever people buy your products the first impression makes them a fan of yours. And the quality of products inside makes them a brand promoter of yours. We not only work to provide servers, but we are also the brand maker of the herbal industry who believes in growing together.

Pre & Post Sale Customer Support

Pre & Post Sale Customer Support


By Choosing Airen Herbal you are occupying the industry’s best third-party pharma manufacturer who has been serving the industry for years and is also known for the best pre & post-sale customer support. We have experts in every area to guide the startups and to help them to keep the proper analysis of all the herbal industry parameters. We have a finance team to help clients plan their startup budget, we have experts to research the best formulation for the brands and we have sales & marketing specialists to ensure that our clients get the best analysis of the market.

FAQ of the Herbal Industry:

Q. What is the difference between Third-Party Manufacturing & Contract Manufacturing process?

A. Third-Party Manufacturing companies serve the products to their clients as per the requirements and as per the customer’s demands. The client can customize the requirements as per the market trends. On the other hand, Contract Manufacturing can be for a one-time deal or order and can be done for the fixed products produced by the manufacturing unit. Also, contract manufacturing units can request to provide raw ingredients, herbs, and other product-related things.

Q. How much Investment do I Require to start a pharma or Ayurveda products marketing company in India?

A. Starting a pharma marketing company investment varies according to the product ranges you want to sell, type of products, cost of products, molecules, batch size, etc. You have to have all the factors in mind and then you will get the exact calculation of the cost which helps you to start a pharma marketing company in India. A basic price idea we can give you is, you can start with 50,000 Rs, and then it varies according to the product ranges.

Q. Is the Fssai license mandatory for Ayurvedic medicine? 

A. NO, FSSAI License is not for Ayurvedic medicines. Whether you are manufacturing, selling, and distributing pharma or ayurvedic medicines you need to apply for an AYUSH License. AYUSH is an abbreviation for Yoga, Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani, and Homeopathy.

Q. What is third-party manufacturing in pharma?

A. A third-party manufacturing process in pharma is outsourcing herbal products or to get products from the other manufacturing units under your brand name. You can also say third-party manufacturing is a process of contract manufacturing where the manufacturing unit serves you the herbal products and you can sell them in the market with your brand name.

Q. Why do pharma companies need to go for a third-party manufacturing process?

A. The third-party manufacturing companies have their own setup to produce premium quality herbal products in bulk. And also the third-party manufacturing units accept orders from the different-different pharma companies so that they have a good experience of producing the best formulations of herbs. Also, they have a large setup for production so they will be able to deliver you the bulk order in a short period.

Q. Do I need a separate license to sell herbal products online?

A. No, if you have a retail Ayush License then you don’t need any separate license to sell herbal products online.

Q. What is loan license manufacturing in pharma?

A. A loan license is for the manufacturers who use the premises & equipment of someone who has an Ayurvedic manufacturing license. (It Requires GMP Certification)

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